church history

Sunday, March 21 - May 30, 2021 (Does not meet April 4)

8:15 - 9:15 AM

The Master's University North Campus, BSC 200

Who are the heroes of the Christian faith since the church was established? What were the key doctrinal issues the church faced and how are they similar to ones the church faces today? How was the church persecuted throughout history and how did believers respond?

These are some of the key questions we will be answering in our 10-week Church History equipping class beginning March 21. The class covers the history of the church from the time period immediately following the apostles and goes up through modern times including the early church; the church councils; Augustine; the Reformation (Luther, Calvin, English Reformation); the Puritans; and the founding of the U.S. Not only will we be looking at the history of what happened and the theological arguments during each period, we will be examining how this is relevant to us today as church members in the 21st Century.