ladies' bible study

January 21 - March 31

Morning Study | Tuesdays | 9:30 AM | Modular Building

Evening Study | Tuesdays | 6:30 PM | Fireside Room

$15.00 for new ladies, $10 for returning ladies

Due to construction, childcare will not be provided.

We are continuing our study in the book of Exodus using resources written by Jen Wilkin.  We hope you will join us as we continue our learning in the Old Testament!

For more information contact Lauren Smith

2019 10th Annual Summer Bookfest

The Women’s Ministry presents their 10th Annual Summer BookFest. We are excited to offer six titles this year that cover a variety of topics and interests. Similar to past years, each hostess has prepared questions for you to answer ahead of your meeting times, and each discussion group will only meet on one evening sometime in the summer. The only cost to participate is the price of your book, which you can purchase on your own or from the limited amount (while supplies last) at the registration table. The cost of a book will be either $10 or $15, depending on which book you choose.  Please have exact change or you can write a check.  Since we will be meeting in homes throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, space will also be limited. You’ll want to register early to get your first choice! Registration will be held outside the main church entrance on May 5, 12, and 19, or you can register now below.  Contact Pam Sojka at or 818.581.5196 if you have any questions.


You will be directed to the registration page where you can register for one or more of the books.


"Susie: The Life and Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon" by Ray Rhodes Jr.

Tuesday, June 25 | 7:00 PM | Canyon Country | Led by Elizabeth Roth

Get ready to be blessed, encouraged, and challenged as you read about the life of Susanna Spurgeon. This delightful woman of God loved her husband tenderly, trusted God supremely, and served both with great joy and gladness. As much of her life was afflicted by physical and spiritual trials, she speaks to the sufficient grace of God to meet her needs. I felt like Susie was discipling me to love my husband more intentionally, my kids faithfully, and to give thanks in everything. Her husband and sons adored her, and I know that you will too, as you find resonating truths to hold dear and learn to love Christ and others well, like Susie.

Download Book #1 Discussion Questions Here


"Hope Heals" by Jay Wolf

Wednesday, July 10 | 7:00-9:00 PM | Newhall | Led by Pam Sojka

You know a book is extraordinary when Joni Eareckson Tada proclaims that “'Hope Heals' may well be your most treasured companion through great trial and pain.” She goes on to describe how Katherine Wolf is someone who can validate our pain and assure us that if God got them through their mess, He will get us through ours. Pastor Giglio characterizes this book as “gritty, gutsy, and glorious… it will breathe the wind of hope into your darkest days.” "Hope Heals" is the remarkable story of a beautiful, young wife and mother who experiences a near fatal stroke, suffers through two extremely difficult years of residential recovery and rehabilitation, and continues to live with severe disability and limitations. This autobiography is a marvelous illustration of God’s preparation, protection, and provision in the life of this precious woman and her family. You will be so encouraged to see Katherine and her husband, Jay, discover joy in the sadness, choose contentment instead of disappointment and anger, and, ultimately, learn that when everything else is gone, hope in Christ remains.

Download Book #2 Discussion Questions Here

Book #3

"Growing in Gratitude" by Mary K. Mohler

Thursday, July 18 | 7:00 PM | Canyon Country | Led by Judy Severance & Lauren Smith

"Growing in Gratitude" by Mary K. Mohler is a short book packed with a big challenge: To grow in gratitude and to learn to express this gratitude for the character of God, His work on our behalf, and the many blessings we receive on a daily basis. Because of our sin nature, the giving of thanks does not come naturally. Join us as we sort through those things that block our thankfulness and learn how to recognize and put on, minute by minute, the grace of gratitude.

Download Book #3 Discussion Questions Here

Book #4

"Time Out!  The Gift or God of Youth Sports" by John Perritt

Tuesday, July 23 | 7:00 PM | Saugus | Led by Rebecca Reyes & Lori Wellons

“Sport is one of the many evidences of a gracious God. It can unite people, sharing together in the enjoyment it brings. But it brings the challenge of proper stewardship under God, especially when working with young people. Are they being encouraged to use their gifts and time to God’s glory? Are you ensuring that they are living by God’s Word, rather than prioritizing their sport? There is a lot to learn about how God wants us to live through sports – both on and off the field.”

Download Book #4 Discussion Questions Here

Book #5

"The Gospel Comes with a House Key" by Rosaria Butterfield

Thursday, July 25 | 7:00 PM | Valencia | Led by Karen Long & Carolyn McGuire

For those of us who yearn to live and share the gospel, this book showcases how God uses “radically ordinary hospitality” in profound, life-changing ways. This inspiring collection of personal stories and insights was named the “2018 Counseling Book of the Year” by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. “It’s about setting the stage,” the ACBC website notes, “for the kind of candid, personal, warm conversations of care” that can take place in a home, around a table, in the daily flow of (often messy!) life. Our pride and fears can keep us from engaging people, especially those with different worldviews. Rosaria helps us re-think our thinking, especially replacing notions of “entertaining” with a true biblical hospitality that reaches out to neighbors and strangers, the lost and lonely, with the welcome of the gospel. It’s the kind of loving hospitality God used years ago to convert Rosaria to faith in Christ out of a lifestyle of lesbian activism. A former university professor, she’s now a pastor’s wife and mom.

Download Book #5 Discussion Questions Here

Book #6

"The Company We Keep: In Search of Biblical Friendship" by Ed Welch

Thursday, August 1 | 7:00 PM | Canyon Country | Led by Shayna Anderson

With so many ways to stay connected (social media, texting, email, etc.), ironically, we still long to develop deeper friendships, even in the church. In The Company We Keep: In Search of Biblical Friendship, Jonathan Holmes rightly diagnoses what hinders friendships and provides an excellent prescription for what true biblical friendship looks like, not just casual Christian fellowship. He causes us to look at our own sin, lack of understanding in the gospel and false expectations that keep us from developing the friendships for which we long. What goes into a good friendship can be hard to define. I think Jonathan does a good job pinpointing specifics that help me see the foundation of true biblical friendships, and why I have loved and cherished those friendships that have defined my walk with Christ. His words have also convicted me in where I fall so short, and have so far to go. I love this book because its short, six chapters are concise, powerful, and super practical. I love that Jonathan’s friendships are with people I know and respect (Joe Keller, Nathan Scroggins). What he writes about is not just theory, but it’s really being practiced. It’s a glimpse into true biblical friendships that are being lived out among people whose lives I want to imitate. I look forward to digging into this book more and learning from others how to practically apply all that is in this book, so we can be a church with true biblical friendships.

Download Book #6 Discussion Questions Here


The goal of Placerita Bible Church Women's Ministry is to train, encourage, and equip women to glorify God.


Support & Encouragement

"Therefore encourage one another, and build up one another..."  1 Peter 4:18

This ministry branch supports our church staff and those who attend our church.

We love to provide meals for new moms who may not be involved in a small group.

We also plan get-togethers to support moms in training their children.

Contact Rebecca Reyes

Spiritual Growth

"for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ." Ephesians 4:12

We place a priority on learning to become more like Christ through applying God's Word in our lives.

During our Bible Studies, we study various books of the Bible or biblical topics.

Contact Lauren Smith


"...pray for us that the word of the Lord may spread rapidly and be glorified." 2 Thessalonians 3:1

Our women missionaries serve all around the world,

and we love to hear from them when they are home from their fields of service.

During a Saturday brunch, they share about their lives and ministry.

In this way, we get to know our missionaries and encourage them. 

Contact Shayna Anderson

Special Events

"As each has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another..." 1 Peter 4:18

There are two main events each year.  The Spring Women's Retreat and a Christmas Event.

There are many opportunities for women to use their gifts and talents

to benefit others in the planning and presentations of these events.

Contact Lori Wellons


"Promoting unity in the body of Christ..." Colossians 3:12

This branch produces the Reflections newsletter three times a year: spring, fall, and winter.

It contains information on upcoming events for women, as well as articles of interest and encouragement.

Contact Karen Long

2017 Women's christmas event

Speaker: Chelle Stire