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About Albania

Even though Paul himself took the Gospel  to what is now Albania (Rom. 15:19 – “Illyricum”), in this beautiful Mediterranean country of 3.5 million people, less than half of 1 percent profess to be Evangelicals. After 500 years of oppression under the Ottoman Empire, followed by nearly 50 years of Communistic isolation, Albania opened up to the Gospel in 1991. From that time, Albania has been a democratic nation with freedom of religion. Technically, Albania is now considered a Muslim-majority nation. However, the dominant worldview is that of secular humanism and materialism, much like most of Europe.


Brad and Julie have 5 children - Justin (18), Joshua (16), Jonathan (13), Elizabeth (7) and Emily (5). They arrived (with only Justin and Joshua) in Albania in November, 1998, and helped plant Grace Church Tirana. Also, since 2005, Brad has been teaching at Southeastern Europe Theological Seminary (SETS), helping to train Albanian pastors and church leaders. Julie has been involved in women's Bible studies and children's ministry. In January, 2014, the Lays transitioned out of Grace Church, having passed the baton to the national leaders. Grace Church Tirana leaders have decided to plant the first church (within Tirana) and have asked the Lays to help them with this new effort, starting in September 2014. The Lays will also continue with pastoral training at SETS.



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Rr. Qemal Stafa, Nr. 184

Tirana, Albania

Stateside Address

3517 Lila St.

Riverside, CA 92504

Phone Number

Brad: 355 69 407 2592

Julie: 355 68 401 1983


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Brad: bradbuke

Julie: thelays6

Wedding Anniversary

June 26, 1993


Brad: June 6, 1968

Julie: July 13, 1972

Justin: July 3, 1996

Joshua: May 7, 1998

Jonathan: June 3, 2001

Elizabeth: September 26, 2006

Emily: April 10, 2009