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About Russia

The area of Russia is 17,075,000 sq. km. and is the world's largest country, extending across 11 time zones between the Baltic and Pacific. Only a third of the population lives in Siberia (Asia), where many areas are only sparsely populated. The official language is Russian and the capital is Moscow.


Harriet was formerly a member of Placerita Bible Church. She worked as a secretary to the president of The Master's College when it was still known as Los Angeles Baptist College.  There, she became the secretary for Dr. Bob Provost who was vice president at the time. Dr. Provost was called to minister through SEND International with the understanding that Harriet would come work for him in Michigan. After a few years at SEND, Dr. Provost was called to become president of Slavic Gospel Association and Harriet joined him at his new position as well.

Harriet is primarily responsible for the establishment of communications between churches in Russia and their supporting churches in America. This means a lot of correspondence, emails, etc. Harriet also coordinates travel arrangements between America and Russia, which means acquiring visas and passports. Slavic Gospel is a resource to the growing churches in Russia. They help with humanitarian and educational needs as well as leadership development and financial resources.


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October 7, 1932

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