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About Germany

Aschaffenburg is located about 45 minutes outside of Frankfurt, Germany with a population of approximately 40,000  people. The primary religions in Germany are Catholicism and Lutheranism. Other religions or denominations are seen as cults.

The Country of Germany operates at a much slower pace than the States and is strongly guided by tradition. The "old ways," are quite binding on the culture and people. The German people are not as mobile as people in the States.


The Gandys arrived in Germany in January of 1983. The main thrust in the Gandy's ministry is church planting through evangelism and discipleship. Keith coaches church planters and sends out missionaries. The Gandys seek to bring others to a point of acceptance of Christ as their Lord and Savior. They do this by focusing on evangelism in the city ad training and developing leadership in the church. From there they open the Scriptures in an effort to teach and train each believer individually as to how they can live a fulfilled life in Christ.

Keith speaks on a regular basis and has completed a ten minute synopsis of each chapter of the New Testament that is available for free download at his church website.


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