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about uganda

Uganda is located in East Africa on the equator. The climate is tropical with wet and dry seasons. English is the official language, in the midst of 52 tribal languages. The population is 26 million, 33% being protestant. Ninety-five percent of these protestants belong to the Church of Uganda.

Ministry in Uganda

God has graciously allowed the Hurleys to minister in Uganda for the past five years. Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries has traveled throughout the country hosting an annual pastors' conference for the Baptist Union of Uganda in each major region for hundreds of pastors who had previously served in isolation. This intense traveling conference has been the predecessor of the Bible Training School they plan to commence. In addition to the pastoral training ministry, their biblical training department also oversees the local church, which began in 2009. In addition to equipping the churches nationwide, SOS Ministries also engages in mercy ministry for their local community. Their community outreach department serves surrounding villages through emergency health care, educational opportunities (including the primary school slated to open in 2013), and community events to promote evangelistic opportunities.

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SOS Ministries

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