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Bob and Lynne Trout

Colombia has a population of 40 million people. Bogotá is the capital of Colombia housing 25% of the population. Ninety-seven percent of the people practice Roman Catholicism, although freedom of religion is permitted. The national language is Spanish. The people of Colombia live a much slower pace of life than we do in the States.


Bob and Lynne have served with ABWE since 1966. Their main ministry had been Church Planting and Leadership Training. While living in Bogotá, Bob founded the Bogotá Baptist Seminary and served as director until 2004. Now Bob and Lynne direct ABWE Member Care Division. This involves doing Member Care Interviews, facilitating Member Care for their nine members serving on the team, traveling to ABWE countries for training and doing presentations at churches and ABWE events. Bob and Lynne are in their 49th year of ministry with ABWE. 

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205 Loring Court

New Cumberland, PA 17070

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Home: 717.214.6843

Office: 717.909.2453

Bob: 717.329.9580

Lynne: 717.602.4944





Wedding Anniversary

September 8


Bob: December 11

Lynne: July 17