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About Slovenia

Nestled between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, Slovenia is a beautiful country of great culture and history. The country declared their independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 and joined the EU in 2004. The landscape consists of alps, sea, hills, plains and forests. Slovenia has a land mass about the size of New Jersey and a population of 2 million. The official language is Slovenian and the main religion is Catholicism. Slovenia has less than 1,500 evangelical believers, less than 1% of the population, and it is ranked 5th in the world in terms of slowest growing (or fastest declining) evangelical population (Operation World).


The Wicks are serving with Josiah Venture in Radovljica, Slovenia. They are partnered with national Slovene church planters, Sebastian and Gloria Forjan, who arrived in Radovljica in 2007. Prior to the Forjan’s arrival there had not been a gospel presence in the region for over 400 years. The Wicks are an active part of leadership within this new local church and help lead the youth work in the region which includes evangelism, weekly discipleship meetings, weekly youth meetings, bible studies and a variety of youth summer camp programs. They also serve in the disability community and sport community and are developing outreach events for these communities which will launch the summer of 2013.



Lhncovo 9F

4240 Radovljica, Slovenia

Home: +386 70 396 825

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