2023 team italy  Hand Pointing Right JUNE 17-27

Plane Departure   The Team, led by Joshua Daugereau   Plane Arrival

Joshua, Carmela, Hannah, Benedetta, & Ruhamah Daugereau

Joe & Carolyn McGuire

Sam & Natalie Perkins

Gracie & Katie Jo Fillmore

Jake Silverman

Elena Bennett

Kaitlyn Brayman


Our mission focus

  1. To encourage and strengthen the church in the city of Manfredonia in any way that our team can.
  2. To run a Vacation Bible School with the help of the church and equipping them to be able to do it again in the future.
  3. To do street evangelism by means of open-air children's ministry and open-air gospel presentations.
  4. To encourage the women of the church by teaching a women's ministry mini-conference taught by Carolyn McGuire and Carmela Daugereau.

ways to SUPPORT

Please pray for us as we seek to serve the Lord in Italy.

If you choose to donate to our team, you will be sent a receipt for income tax purposes.

All contributions are tax-deductible.  However, for the deduction to be allowed, contributions are to be with

the understanding that Placerita Bible Church has complete control and administration of donated funds.

Please join use in praying for the Lord's blessing for our team.  Pray that many will hear the gospel and respond with repentant hearts, surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ.  Pray for the team to grow in faith as they trust in the Lord for the details and outcome of this trip.  Pray for safety in travel and while in Italy.