pbc post office

The PBC Post Office is an opportunity to give Christmas cards to people

in our congregation without having to pay postage!

 rightarrowThis is an exchange only for the people who attend Placerita Bible Churchleftarrow

Drop Off/Pick Up Dates: December 4, 11, 18

(drop off before the service, pick up after the service)

December 23 & 25 is for PICK UP ONLY!

(Candlelight Service and Christmas Day Worship Service)

(Do not drop off cards these days.)


  1. Write the name of the person/family on your card envelopes (first and last name as we have several families with the same last name)
  2. Put your cards in alphabetic order by last name
  3. Put your cards to others in the larger DROP OFF box in the foyer
  4. Pick up the cards addressed to you on your way out of the service (find the box that matches the first letter of your last name

IMPORTANT: Do not drop off gifts, boxes, or anything of value - cards only please!